Glenn's Towing & Auto Repair
Glenn's Towing & Auto Repair

About Us

Glenn's has been providing professional and reliable automotive service for over 15 years. We provide a wide range of services including towing & transport, 24/7 roadside service, and automotive repair.

Glenn's Towing & Auto Repair

Towing & Transport

We offer a full line of towing and transport services. We have new and clean trucks to provide the best experience possible along with qualified drivers to provide the best service possible.

Additionally, we have extended cab trucks in the event that your vehicle breaks down while travelling in a large group.

Finally, we offer transport services for individuals or companies.

Medium & Heavy Duty Towing

We have both medium and heavy duty trucks to handle all your needs. Our heavy duty trucks can move all types of vehicles and equipment including tractor trailers, box trucks, buses, RVs, and other commerical vehicles.

Additionally, we understand what it is like when one of your fleet vehicles go down - lost time and lost money. Therefore, we make sure to provide the most responsive and reliable service possible.

Glenn's Towing & Auto Repair

Roadside Service

We offer a variety of roadside services including battery, lockout, flat tire, and fuel service.

Battery Service

At Glenn's we operate a mobile battery service. Our mobile battery service vehicles are fully stocked with batteries to fit most vehicles on the road today. Upon arrival, our technician will be able to quickly diagnose your vehicle's battery, starting system, and charging system using state of the art diagnostic equipment.

Once tested, the technician will explain the test results and roadside assistance options. In some cases, all that is required is a simple battery boost. If your battery is faulty, our technician will be able to install a new battery on site and get you back on the road quickly!

Locksmith & Lockout Service

At Glenn's, our service technicians are able to carefully and professionally unlock your car with our specialized tools and equipment.

In the event that you need locksmith services our service vehicles are equipped to cut new keys for your vehicle right on the scene, even keys that require internal transponders!

Flat Tire Service

Glenn's is able to quickly and safely replace your flat tire with your vehicle's spare tire. If required, we can also bring your vehicle back to our automotive repair center where we can install a quality new tire from our extensive new tire inventory.

Fuel Service

If your vehicle is out of fuel, Glenn's is able to bring fuel to your vehicle so you can quickly and safely drive to the nearest gas station.